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The two would later have a falling out, but at the height of Feldman’s fame as a teen heartthrob he and Jackson were good buddies.

Jackson never made any sexual overtures to him, Feldman insists, but at one point, Jackson showed him pictures of diseased adult genitalia.

They went on to star together in “License to Drive” and “Dream and a Little Dream,” but as drug abuse and the damage of sexual exploitation took its toll, their fame faded.

Haim died of pneumonia in 2010, his 38-year-old body wrecked after 15 stints in rehab to combat his devastating addiction to drugs.

I felt like the whole thing was my fault,” Feldman writes.

“I desperately wanted him to stop, but I was afraid of losing my friend.” In the midst of all this, Feldman was palling around with Michael Jackson.

“Corey talked about sex more than anyone I have ever known,” Feldman writes. The disturbing scene was replayed when Haim, once again, pressured Feldman to hook him up.