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In fact, Andre said in a recent interview with Vibe magazine, that Erykah is like a sister to him now. Here’s what he said:“We joke a lot,” André says of his relationship with the unpredictable siren [Erykah Badu]. It’s funny to us now because it’s such a talked-down type term. It’s totally a punch line.” One person that finds the pair’s relationship off-the-wall is Seven [their son].“Our son…tells us, ‘You guys are nuts,’” André laughs. She is officially “old school”, but she’s looking great!

Now Ne Ne celebrated her 50th birthday at her newly opened ?

She also mentions Azalea is her two young daughters’ favorite artist, and jokes that if they love Iggy so much they should just go and be her daughters. ZKAws Eegn Q Iggy accepted the apology with enthusiasm, and said Badu’s daughters and their friends would be welcome at any of her shows.

We must be getting old, because he’s almost legal, and he’s a spitting image of his pops, Andre’ 3000.