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‘It felt more like there isn’t any blueprint for how to do this, get through this.And the reason I spoke out about it was because I felt someone else would and I should take control...'When you take your clothes off - whoever you are - there is very little acting going on...

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The middle-class son of a literary agent (Alan) and casting agent (Marcia) cares too much about being liked, being good at his job and being a nice guy.

'Doing (Harry) Potter was an incredible blessing because it gave me this opportunity to start a fantastic career.

And it was a big thing for me to do a modern-day romance.

There was no point in this film where I had to get covered in blood, or cry over the body of someone, or pull someone out of a muddy bog.’'I did used to worry about him when I was younger – I felt scared for him because of all the drugs and the lifestyle.

The rumour was met with a predictable flood of Harry Potter jokes.