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When a bus driver overhears him and Miles talking about her lack of friskiness, he insists that he should make up a rumor about them going a little further, and he spends the rest of their relationship trying to make sure that rumor comes true.Miles also makes up a rumor about him and Robin Pretnar, which immediately puts Miles at the top of her death list.

28 June 2010To the the dismay of Miles, RJ has been invited to Jenny Swanson's Sweet 16 birthday party, and thinks he's expected to bring an expensive gift.

Unable to afford one, his mother recommends that their friends Bill and Linda Robbins hire him to do yard work. Robbins wants him for more than just yard work, and is even more surprised about what happens when her husband finds out.

Lily tries to join the cheerleading squad in the hopes of attracting RJ and finds out something RJ already knows about Jenny -- that she's not as stuck-up and bitchy as she originally thought.

9 August 2010Unable to concentrate on his tutoring with Jenny, RJ fears that he's losing his focus and failing both himself and the girl of his dreams, so he and Miles conspire to steal a cheat sheet from a teacher's house.

2 August 2010Hungover from the nerd party(see episode #1.8, "Nerds Gone Wild"), RJ tries to kill the pain with aspirin, some of which he takes with him to school.


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