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JC: I like eating and drinking on 5th Avenue in South Slope.I like seeing art on my studio block at Malraux’s Place and Torrance Shipman Gallery. It’s an art space in a shipping container that is also on a webcam 24/7.JC: I’m donating a 4’x4’ acrylic painting that I made for a show at Louis B James.

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This is a major issue and if it isn’t resolved the whole young art scene in Brooklyn is in danger of totally disappearing over the next decade.

Artsy: Can you tell us a bit about the work you’re donating to the benefit auction, which will be supporting the museum and the Brooklyn artist community, and why that’s a cause you’re happy to contribute to?

Artsy: And what’s exciting about the current Brooklyn art scene?

JC: The current art scene is exciting because such a high concentration of contemporary artists have had a studio here for at least a while.

Just on my block there are around a hundred artists from all different backgrounds and stages in their development.