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When the “Validate a Configuration” wizard is launched it offers the choice to run all tests or a subset of tests.With this granularity it is possible to select all the tests which do not impact the cluster and skip those which can impact high-availability for a group.

Microsoft supports a failover cluster solution only if the complete configuration (servers, network, and storage) can pass all tests in the Validate a Configuration Wizard.

The utility runs a network benchmark program that transfers a 5 second stream of data from the current host to each remote host included in the test.

By running the tests, you can confirm that your hardware and settings are compatible with failover clustering.

You can run the tests on a set of servers and storage devices either before or after you have configured them as a failover cluster.

Or how do you test that your Windows Server 2003 storage will work after a migration without actually impacting your production 2003 cluster.