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“There isn’t a right time, other than reading the signs of readiness in your child,” says Christina Rinaldi, a child psychologist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.Experts agree that although a new baby on the way is a common reason to reclaim the crib, it shouldn’t be the only reason.

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Eliminate any obstacles to sleep that may be lurking in your child’s bedroom. So instead of kicking them out of the crib cold turkey, try introducing them to the bed for naps only.

If it’s stuffed with toys, your child will have lots to do whenever she gets out of bed. Or use the new space as a reading nook for bedtime books, then stick to the status quo for sleep time.

(This is a perfect example of why many experts warn against keeping powder around: Little ones who get their hands on it may accidentally breathe it into their lungs.) But the biggest surprise of all was that Madison was standing not in her crib, but in the middle of the room.

Until that moment, Schmidt hadn’t known her toddler could climb out of the crib.

While you may be hankering for an extreme bedroom makeover, that might be a little too much transformation for your toddler to cope with.