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What CNN doesn't mention is that I normally only have sex with black men because I am trying to get pregnant with a black baby ON FILM. As you already know, EVERY cumshot I've ever taken from a black man is an internal creampie. In my inaugural scene here on Barb you'll watch my pussy get filled by none other than the giant cocks of Mr. These two black studs shoot more cum in my pussy in this one scene than every white man I've been with in my life put together!

Unfortunately, I must have not timed it right and was not ovulating the day these 2 fertile black studs emptied their ballsack's inside of me as you'll see by my negative pregnancy test I take 15 days later. Fortunately FOR YOU I've included footage of the pregnancy test at the end of the video for your viewing pleasure.

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I almost took them back to my place to fuck their brains out but I had a doctor's appointment to get my pregnancy results back.

My uterus is still bare but luckily I found another 2 black guys to come over and show me what they're packing.

I don't have to tell you that it wasn't the size of those mini sausages white pecker woods have.

Jon Jon wasn't making love today as he pounded my white pussy without mercy with that giant black cock he has.

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo right over my white pussy that reads "property of black men only". Just watch this scene for yourself and see how my ass belonged to Jon Jon and Mo Money. Member Comments: dan1mo****: Gia Paloma shows up for a random deepthroat cameo. ilovet****: me too man, that bitch needs a superior black baby 88drop****: C'mob Barb! banksj****: How do you even let Shorty Mac on your site.


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