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A second reason for its release at this time: To help generate the support that will be needed to fully fund construction.

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Therer is new office buildings, apartments, and pedestrian-scale retail next to that station, as well 7 to 15 percent reduction in auto traffic in the area.

And there’s a significant shift in journey-to-work mode share: according to the figures cited by Schor, 50 percent of Silver Line users used to commute to Tysons by car.

(The total projected construction budget for the roughly four-mile elevated rail line is about $1.2 billion, or approximately $300 million per mile.

About $672 million of that figure will be spent locally.) • $540 to $946 million.

Elizabeth Smith, manager of long-range planning at SEPTA, said that the earliest possible date rail service to King of Prussia could start would be 10 years from now.