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Its about a chance encounter between a major Hollywood movie star (male, and handsome beyond belief) and a dog walker (female), while one is house sitting, and the other is a houseguest fleeing from his psychotic ex girlfriend.

Their worlds and lives collide, and their hearts follow suit.

The research extended into two areas that were fascinating for me, the intricate mechanisms of the judicial system in New York, and the workings of a murder trial.

In this world of obsession with looks and beauty, Victoria is a wonderful person with beauties of her own.

As it is for many women, dating is disappointing, and unkind men pull all the stunts that happen to a lot of young (and even older) women in the dating world.

Her self image is a constant issue for her, like after all the unkind things her father has always said, and continues to. Determination, good counseling, and her own persevering nature win the prize.

Victoria wins her freedom from the ghosts and shackles of her past, and blossoms into the fantastic, mature, lovable, wonderful woman she has always been.

And Big Girl or not, she gets all the rewards she has struggled so hard for, in the end.


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