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She along with her close friend Anitha (Satya Krishna) work on weekends at a nursery.Roopa is shown as a woman who stands for her self-respect, determined at her decisions and yet lovable and sensitive.

She falls in love with a colleague, Rahul, a rich marwadi and almost gets married until she realizes how this marriage is going to separate her from her freedom and individuality.

Anitha has sensed this much earlier after meeting Rahul's mother who is an orthodox north Indian.

Roopa soon realizes how things are going to be if she marries him and takes the painful decision to call off the marriage.

Anand is the son of a rich industrialist who consumed by guilt of killing Roopa’s parents in the accident, loses his mental balance.

At the marriage hall he witnesses the turn of events and wants to try his luck in wooing Roopa.


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