Speed dating bangor northern ireland

If that seems like a general statement, then check the statistics for yourself.Online dating is the domain of bedroom males, whereas in the non-virtual world of speed dating, women rule – and that’s no bad thing.There was one bloke who seemed to induce unanimous unease (not me, I’m delighted to say). What speed dating isn’t, it would seem, is a sure fire way to romance. That’s the hard bit you have work out for yourself, the easy, fun bit is doing things like this.

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To be fair, my friends’ ‘fight or flight’ instinct turns out to be a perfectly predictable male response in the face of such public exposure.

QFT press officer and singles-night organiser Sarah Hughes explained to me the difficulties in getting men to sign up, something that was certainly evidenced during the evening by the uneven gender balance and the rather sinister/hilarious ‘holding area’ for spare women – where they waited until a table became available.

Women appear to be perfectly happy to take part in such evenings, simply because they’re more emotionally open anyway and don’t take it quite as seriously.

Men, it would seem, prefer to furtively hunt in the shadows, and behind the protective veil of online anonymity.

The evening begins with the surreal terror of a lifestyle coach pointing out body language techniques and what we should all be looking out for as 50 people simultaneously sit on their hands and try not to make eye contact.