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Compared with the other Britpackers of her generation - like her friends Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley - she has been left well alone. "But when journalists ask me about the really private stuff in my life - like my relationships - I feel my soul and my guts tightening, and I plead with them, 'Don't make me do this!' And it's not as if I can't understand why they're asking.She has, for instance, starred in big-budget Hollywood movies: as Lady Penelope in Thunderbirds, and Isolde in Tristan Isolde.

The whole episode has lasted less than two minutes. And I don't wing it - I wash my hands properly and everything. I should put that on my CV." That CV is already looking cluttered.

"I know, I am incredibly fast," deadpans Myles, her low vowels loitering somewhere between the Home Counties and the Estuary. Myles, 26, has, by her own admission, been "Britain's next big thing for the past 10 years".

It's probably quite interesting to some people that Doctor Who is seeing Lady Penelope.

But just as I respect people's right to ask, they must respect my right not to answer." Despite her stated reticence, Myles is in good spirits tonight, and effusive.

You know what I'm talking about." This kind of talk would certainly have raised an eyebrow around the dinner table in Isleworth, south-west London, where Myles grew up.