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Try experimenting with one (or more) of those themes, to see what kind of project you can come up with! There are also fully illustrated cutscenes and portraits created by the lovely Dr. Started in 2013, Heretic has been adding to his huge collection of RPG Maker XP Resources for two years now.

You're not actually the hero (but you think you are)A new Maker is being released, and with it, some new boards!

Many of us had given up hope of ever regaining the former size of our community.

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The spotlight is going to have three general sections: 1. He has an impressive array of scripting utilities as well as compatibility patches to use with other popular scripts.

The game that everyone's been excited for since its debut has now been greenlit on steam!

Red Raven has started a great looking game in RPG Maker XP.

It promises to offer tons of exploration and secrets, as well as an intriguing botany system and a variety of mounts with which to traverse the world.

Wanda is described as "A short and simple, yet unforgettable tale of two wanderers on their adventure in search of the meaning of their existence in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.