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If you've been advised not to have sex, be sure you understand whether your provider is talking specifically about intercourse, or about putting anything in your vagina, or about any activity that may bring you to orgasm. id=sex-during-pregnancy-85-P01235 [Accessed October 2016]March of Dimes.

(Orgasm can cause mild uterine contractions, as can nipple stimulation.)And, of course, if you notice any unusual symptoms during or following intercourse, such as pain or discharge, be sure to let your provider know.

You may also worry that intercourse will be painful, and for many women, the first sexual encounters after childbirth are uncomfortable.

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Second, your body is healing from the ordeal of labor and delivery.

Major hormonal shifts are taking place that can make you feel off balance. https://gov/pubmed/22353966 [Accessed November 2016]March of Dimes.

Our literature represents the experience, strength and hope of a large number of us who have recovered from the same problems in our sex and love lives that you are experiencing. If all we are capable of doing here is to convey to you our sense of hope, and our conviction that a new life of fulfillment, richness and mystery surely awaits you as you move into sobriety, then we are meeting our task.

Since you can’t get to a meeting, this section of our site will show you how you can use our literature and its wisdom to help you in your journey to a new life of sanity in the areas of sex and “romance.”*. May each of you, as you embark on this adventure, discover your share of the golden braid; that unfolding wonder of which we are all a part. We are all joint travelers on destiny’s path, and we all have much to learn from each other.

Here you will find answers to the questions you may have about your membership.


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