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I think you are letting him off the hook way to easy.

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I think he needs to move out of the house and stay out of the house until he has earned his way back into the house.

I don't think giving him a free pass is going to help you in the future.

That would be sharing all passwords to, cell phones or anything that help him hide what he did with this other woman.

I would put the ball in his court he needs to take the lead on finding a counslor and you need to sit on your hands and not try and fix this and make it all better for him. Loro Ciuffenna swinger pic Thanks land of it just is screwy when you work in a construction zone (in the office) I get Hit on all the time but I just really don't want to make the time to "do it" with them.

I want to meet someone special ya know not a meaningless hook up.