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Fiona Davis The Dollhouse (Dutton 2016) is set in the Barbizon Hotel for Women in New York City.

In 1952, Darby Mc Laughlin, arrives from Ohio to attend secretarial school at Katherine Gibbs.

That night Eric began researching second mortgages and Katie started doing freelance design work on her laptop in the Bel Stars gym, while little Drew played quietly with his toys, and Devon practiced and practiced and practiced.

Twenty-five thousand dollars of credit card debt later, Devon has just turned 15, and is ready for her final qualification matches.

In 2016 Rose Lewin moves into her boyfriend Griff’s condo at the remodeled Barbizon.

A former television reporter, Rose now writes for the blog Word Merge.

Rose is fascinated by the elderly residents of the Barbizon who were given small rent-controlled apartments on the 4th floor when the building was transformed into condos.