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Serious business decisions that ultimately shape, guide, and direct our future are extremely fearful to business managers.These decisions involve norms, standards, and the comparison and choice of goals.

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This site provides help and guidance for making efficient and effective decisions by putting to use a well-structured approach and well-focused process known as the modeling or paradigm process.

The word paradigm comes from the Greek word paradeigma, meaning "model" or "pattern." A model represents a way of looking at the world, a shared set of assumptions that enable us to understand or predict behavior.

Nor does anyone who is apt to get angry when hearing the truth should wonder why he does not hear it. Moreover, is a sure path to unhappiness which is a state of mind.

For example, when I asked a business manager what had made his organization one of the best in his industry, he pointed to his CIO and said "Joe is a millionaire. Decisions are at the heart of success, and at times there are critical moments when they can be difficult, perplexing, and nerve racking.

The total effect of the culture and industry is one of anti-enlightenment that is the progressive technical domination of nature, becomes mass deception and is turned into a means for fettering consciousness.


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    The busy lives of creatives often leave little room for dating or finding a relationship that can withstand such a lifestyle.

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