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Elder-centered organizations that used to draw the blinds for the off-season have some new and different events in the works: The aging of Vietnam vets During the Iraq War you heard a lot of talk about veterans of that earlier, even more unpopular conflict, and what coming home and being home was like for that generation of warriors. As these Americans enter the later stages of life, the regular transitions that come with aging are piled on top of lingering post-traumatic stress; health complications from Agent Orange, environmental hazards, Hepatitis C and various combat-related cancers; and vivid reconsiderations of their turbulent youths.

"Many of the veterans tuck those experiences away, file them away very tactfully in some part of their mind, and suppressed it for all those years," Knisely says in a statement from Tidewell.

"It may well become a significant part of their latter years of life." Addressing caregiver stress "You Matter, Too! Fee for the program is $50; pre-registration is required.

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