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There are two disadvantages to an individual Russian dating tour.1) As I explain in my comparison of approaches , many Russian and Ukrainian women don't like the idea of being on a man's list of women to meet. This factor is FAR WORSE in group tours, but exists in an individual Russian dating tour as well.

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An individual Russian dating tour has several advantages over group tours. Comparing service-for-service, an individual tour can cost HALF as much as a group tour.

Second, individual tours provide a context MUCH more suitable for meeting Ukrainian and Russian women and starting a serious relationship that will lead somewhere.

But remember, almost all scams are avoidable if you use common sense.

But I have been on several individual tours, all through affiliates of the The Angelika Network and always had a great time.

I want to thank the agency for all the help is making my dream come true. Watch all the videos from our previous tours, see the quality of girls you will meet in my tours, come and join us at Oksana's Romantic Vacations for Singles in Caribbean.