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Oh, and developers are welcome, too: “A key ingredient to the ‘secret sauce’ behind Fun Chat lies in our HTML5 multiplayer game engine that enables high-quality games to be played concurrently between native i OS and Android clients and browsers,”“This proprietary game engine is part of our extensible Fun Chat Mobile Engagement Platform which allows developers to easily make open-standard HTML5 games that run on both the i OS and Android platforms, offering consumers new ways to share, discover, and play together in real-time”.

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That’s right, Fun Chat users can push audio pranks to smartphones, like wolf whistles, Bronx cheers, and angry pigs, for example, even if the phone is in standby mode or you’re not running Fun Chat. Users can take advantage of these customizations in a “public party” or with friends in private.

The app’s multiplayer HTML5 game rooms include casual games like concentration, carnival duck shooting, match-3, racing, and more, optimized for HTML5 on i Phone and Android devices.

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