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One engineering technique they used was shaping the top of the lower stone at a certain angle, and placing another stone on top of it which was cut at exactly the same angle.

I have gathered together the most fascinating pieces of evidence that I have been able to find in the past 15 years of my life.

Archeology generally dates Tiwanaku to 1500 BCE as a small agriculturally-based village, it has not always been attributed this date. Arthur Posnansky, a Polish engineer dedicated fifty years to the study of Tiwanaku(Spanish: Tiahuanaco), dated its origins to 15,000 BCE this date is based on various evidence including several varieties of physical and astronomical data.

One block still in place weighs an estimated 440 tons!

These blocks have been carried over 20 miles uphill from the quarry site.

Some of the blocks are held together by large metallic, I-shaped couplers others were held together by silver rivets.