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Others stated that they had used the images mainly to foster online social contacts with other adults interested in child sexual abuse material.

Some participants reported that these activities were means of escaping their real life problems.

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Finally, a few users conceptualised CP as a form of "therapy" that had had allowed them to explore their sexual preferences but reportedly prevented them from progressing to contact child sexual abuse.

The six functions originally identified by Taylor and Quayle guided other research projects (e.g., Caple, 2008; Sheldon & Howitt, 2007; Surjadi, Bullens, van Horn, & Bogaerts, 2010), and additional motivations have been identified (see Table 1).

The meaning an individual attributes to his CP consumption has been described elsewhere as of CP (for example, see Taylor & Quayle, 2003).

In a series of interviews with convicted consumers of online CP, Taylor and Quayle identified six principal functions of child pornographic material: Whereas the majority of offenders had viewed the images for sexual arousal, some users reportedly had gained satisfaction from the actual collection process rather than the content of the images.

In the , Knight and Prentky (1990) stated that "understanding the taxonomic structure of a deviant population is the keystone of theory building and the cornerstone of intervention" (p. Indeed, their typology for adult sex offenders, the Massachusetts Treatment Centre Typology, has found wide application in the treatment of rapists in terms of the identification of specific needs and risks of each offender type (Reid, Wilson, & Boer, 2011).


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