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If it’s important to them, it’s a conversation worth having. Most people think a clitoris is just a fleshy button at the top of a woman’s vulva.

To help ease your transition into autumn, meet September’s Playmate Kelly Gale. As you’ll see in this gallery of her ridic pics, she’s beautiful, she’s uniquely herself and she’s unforgettable. I don’t care about trends.” You know, that’s not just good advice for approaching Kelly–if you’re ever lucky enough to see her in person–but it’s strong advice for approaching any woman you find undeniably attractive.

Also, don’t ask me how much I get paid or anything about makeup or clothing trends.

I won’t start a conversation I have no interest in having–and I never pretend to be interested when I’m not. In other words, I won’t say “I love your shoes” unless I love the shoes.

Walk up, be honest and be real with her; let her see who you really are.

Check out this video from sexpert Adina Rivers and you’ll see what we mean.