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The sub plot with the boxing gym is a little off, but I guess this will develop as time passes.

In short, I am looking forward to the next episode and it's a long, long time since a TV drama caught my interest.

The plot is tantalizing, the acting is first class (british soaps look out) and the direction brilliant - each episode like a mini film.

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The first being Miami in season 5 and New Orleans in season 7).

Amy Cieslowski, Chicago, IL – This former cheerleader loves to gossip and keep things fun.

The stable rating, great amount of fans and bold provocative story- the factors, which allowed the creator to renew the television series for season 3.

viewers There is a little doubt that the crime drama of Showtime production «Ray Donovan» will be finished in the current year.

Elease has a huge niche for fashion and design since the age of 5.


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