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The SELNEC orange and white has had a lot of bad press amongst enthusiasts.

I think this was largely because it replaced a lot of cherished and varied municipal liveries in the area.

The livery is an abomination compared with that which it bore before the advent of SELNEC and the blinds are totally unsuited to the apertures but as an example of the way that presentational standards dropped during the ’70’s it is perfect. They got a standardized fleet of reliable vehicles and ran a profitable organization even though most of their vehicles were two man operated and they had the advantage of lower dwell times that omo fleets.

Actually, Stockport’s first attempt at modernity was the trolleybuses of 1913 but perhaps that experience persuaded the Transport Dept to draw in it’s horns thereafter though they did order several TD4c’s as tramway replacements …. Mind you, I should have hated to have to drive a PD3 for a living!

The same applied on Tyneside with South Shields not getting a look in.