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They attempted to resolve their disagreements, and he returned to work for OCC.

The April 30, 2009 episode reveals that Teutul ultimately decided to voluntarily terminate his employment as a full-time member of the staff.

that the Teutul v Teutul civil action is no longer active. settled the lawsuit with Teutul Sr.'s purchase of Paul Jr.'s 20% share in OCC, thus ending the lawsuit.

As the anniversary of his death approaches, collaborators on the music icon's off-Broadway show ' Lazarus' share accounts of a cancer-stricken artist productive and engaged until the end.

Says one, "He never let it define him." "We are pleased to be streamlining our company so that we can focus even more intently on seizing future opportunities for our local television and entertainment business," says Tribune Media CEO Peter Liguori. Probably not this year, but growth is the obsession at CAA, which is exploring a China deal, and WME-IMG, whose leaders know that owning content means never getting fired, writes ' Powerhouse' author James Andrew Miller.

Teutul, along with his father and younger brother Michael Teutul, became celebrities when Orange County Choppers became the focus of a reality television series American Chopper on Discovery Channel in 2002. It is alleged that assets were stripped from the OC Ironworks, transferring the viable assets, contracts and personnel to a new company OC Ironworks LLC, before bankrupting the former.

This involved transferring the ownership to Paul Jr.

planned to start his own motorcycle business to go head-to-head against OCC. is bringing on several former OCC employees, including Michael Teutul, Vinnie Di Martino, Joe Puliafico, and Robert "Nub" Collard.