Nuemenor dating

Sauron began the seduction of the Númenóreans in about II 1800, and had at least some Númenórean servants and followers soon after that date.

However, the Black Númenóreans seem not to have emerged as a separate people until some centuries later.

This growing wish to escape death, known as 'the doom of Men', also made most of the Númenóreans envious of the immortal Elves, or Eldar, who they had come to physically resemble as part of their reward from God (Ilúvatar) for having been their allies.

The Eldar sought ever to remind the men of Númenor however, that death was a gift from God to all men, and to lose faith in Ilúvatar would be heretical.

A.), was a Black Númenórean, from a Black Númenórean realm he describes as "the inland city" somewhere south of Umbar.