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And, well, it seems really impersonal, but you seemed interesting, so I figured I’d just try writing you.

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In fact, when I was single and doing online dating, there were times when I had written to men first because I thought their pictures were hot and their profiles were interesting.

However, when they responded with one of the above emails instead of engaging in a real conversation, it didn’t take long to hit delete. Because I figured as long as they were willing to have a real conversation, I might as well participate because *you never know.* Online dating is still dating.

Also, pheromones, which are involved in sexual attraction, apparently don’t travel through the internet.

🙂 That being said, there are huge advantages to online dating!

Yes, dating to find the right person can be a numbers game, but you still need to make your interactions personal enough to know if that person is right for you.