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A number of other sites have been discovered in recent years, including Meadow Croft in Pennsylvania (15,000 years) and Old Crow and Bluefish in Alaska (over 20,000 years).

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Scientists believe that immigrants may have arrived on the northern shores of the continent 17,000 years ago with the deglaciation of the North.

Other scientists believe the first inhabitants sailed across the Pacific Ocean, landing first in South America.

The exact date of the arrival of indigenous peoples in Canada is unknown, but archaeological discoveries have revealed that eastern Canada has been inhabited for nearly 12,000 years, while other parts of the continent, like the Yukon, that were not affected by glaciation were first inhabited over 30,000 years ago.

However, ice covered most of Canada up to 10,000 years before our time, which is why it is generally agreed that native peoples did not occupy Canada until that period.

At the beginning of the Ice Age, 100,000 years ago, virtually the entire northern part of the North American continent was covered with ice.