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In a case when the delay exceeds 2 hours, the "Weather expired" warning is displayed.This is a signal that the weather in Yo Window may have nothing to do with the actual weather outside.Android Live Wallpapers do not work properly if they are installed on external card. Tap the button and the message will be gone forever. Yo Window will take care of the weather and sunlight. By some reason "amp;" text is getting added twice in flashvars parameter value.

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The format is simple - a sequence of [date:season] pairs, each pair shows when the season starts in average.

Yo Window picture is changing according to season-map, however there are some exceptions. We have composed a collection of season-maps for many points on Earth.

You will find the answer in the Troubleshooting section.

Your questions, suggestions and reports are welcome! Having a problem with the weather or time display in Yo Window?

But, it is trying hard to guess the correct picture.