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Taped and transferred by tapeworm(48) Txt file compiled on 10/25/2015 *** DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IN LOSSY FORMATS.

DO NOT SELL THIS RECORDING, TRADE IT FREELY *** Download the show here: [Audio] Ed Kowalczyk 2015-10-24 Evanston, IL, "Throwing Copper Unplugged" tour with Zak Loy • posted by dangum on november 2, 2015 A great audience recording of Ed Kowalczyk's Bethlehem, PA acoustic Throwing Copper show is available for download in the Multimedia section of the forum.

Details about the recording can be found below: Ed Kowalczyk Space: Evanston, IL October 24, 2015 Source: Schoeps MK4s TLH Taper: tapeworm(48) Setlist: 01 Intro 02 The Dam at Otter Creek 03 Selling the Drama 04 I Alone 05 Iris 06 Lightning Crashes 07 Top 08 All Over You 09 Shit Towne 10 T. Otherwise this is a raw transfer with no fades or EQ.

Archive: Master WAV was archived @ 24-bit/44.1k Hz and FLAC'd with cue sheet.

Lots of chatter from the people around me, as the setting was seats and tables in a dinner setting.