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Anne and Cuddly Bear spend most nights with the windows and doors of their Parnell mansion open, boogying amongst their enormous cacti collection to loud pop music. By day, Anne tends to her ‘pussy palace’, a term we are all going to have to get very used to because it’s totally fine and has no double meaning and she definitely hasn’t been asked to say it at least twice a minute.

I feel quite confident that this cat assistant woman stays locked in the pussy palace 24/7.

She also gives great, not slut-shamey-at-all advice to her own children.

4) Angela Stone Angela is our style guru and airborne leaf lover, who believes that “you are what you wear”. Tunics and sparkly jandals are big in Auckland apparently, which should cause a big spike in sales for that fancy pull-out part of the Ezibuy catalogue.

Self-described as the ‘Champagne Lady’, Anne is like a character from an early script of Anne reckons that champagne is “the only thing a woman can drink and still be beautiful”, which suggests to me that she has never smashed a litre of raspberry Big Foot at the Mount Albert train station.