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Adding to the concern of trustees is the fact that, by its nature, the trust is designed to liquidate and distribute all of its assets.

As a result, while virtually all agreements governing such liquidating trusts contain indemnification and protecting the trustee except in the case of fraud or gross negligence, the trust may ultimately lack the financial wherewithal to support such provisions.

(“Sentinel”) was a futures commissions merchant and investment manager that filed for Chapter 11 protection in 2008.

However, to receive this favorable tax treatment, a trust must qualify as a liquidating trust.

Without the benefit of insurance, a challenge to a trust’s status could lead to the diminution in value of the trust assets, or worse, if the challenge is made after funds have been distributed, there may not be sufficient trust assets to defend such challenge, or pay any tax, interest or penalties, and the practical recovery of funds from beneficiaries may be difficult.

case dealt with a Chapter X Trustee’s power during a bankruptcy case to assert, on behalf of investors, claims of misconduct by the Indenture Trustee. Second, the court reasoned that, as the damage suffered by the investors was as much the fault of the debtor as of the third-party defendant, the debtor might have had the obligation to reimburse the third-party defendant for any amounts the trustee recovered.

The Supreme Court affirmed the lower court decision that the Chapter X Trustee lacked the requisite standing to prosecute these claims during the bankruptcy case. was whether a post-confirmation liquidating trustee of a liquidation trust created under a confirmed plan can prosecute creditors’ direct claims (as opposed to estate claims) assigned to it as provided in the plan. On review, the Seventh Circuit first addressed the flaws in BNYM’s jurisdictional objections, noting that many of the investors were not residents of New York and their claims exceeded $75,000, thus providing a basis for diversity jurisdiction.

Ambridge’s Tax Qualification Insurance extension can protect trusts (and indirectly their beneficiaries) from the financial exposures resulting from a disqualification as a liquidating trust.