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Several women are shown who are wanted for these crimes. Final Appeal Glen Consagra is serving two life sentences for killing his two friends. George Marsh, a retired laborer, died in a KC nursing home in 1982. ________________________________________ Special #4 November 29, 1987 Synopsis: Robert Stack hosts this fourth edition of the program that uses interviews with witnesses and reenactments to examine real-life mysteries. Update: Walter Ogrod was found guilty of the murder of Barbara Jean Horn.Three women, Cynthia Debore, Carol Ann Riley and Patricia Weeks all disappeared in a span of 18 years after dining with the same man, Robert Weeks. (Repeated December 30, 1987) ________________________________________ Special #3 September 24, 1987 Synopsis: An unknown man (later nicknamed the Unabomber) has planted 12 bombs at various places over the last 9 years killing one and injuring several. Updates from #2 Special John Burns real name is Wilfred Cashman and hes an escaped convict. Included the suspicious death of Shannon Davis whose husband Dave Davis collected 5,000 in insurance before he disappeared; the disappearance of Dottie Caylor who suffered from agoraphobia; the unexplained circumstances surrounding a fatal car accident in Oklahoma where Aileen Conway was killed; the discovery of a human skull suspected to be that of Glenn Hyde who vanished with his wife Bessie on a Grand Canyon rafting trip in 1928. ________________________________________ November 23, 1988 Cases involving the suspected murders of two priests, one in New Mexico and one in Montana; the good fortune experienced by the family of a Washington State youth, who found a peculiarly marked rock in the forest; police search for those responsible for extortion letters sent to various people in Lancaster, California; the death of 17-year-old Ohio youth, Kurt Sova, who disappeared after attending a Halloween party; Update: sighting of the men responsible for a insurance scam involving a boat.

The show has been responsible for 93 reunions and approximately 40% of the fugitives profiled on the series since its premiere have been apprehended.

________________________________________ Unsolved Mysteries Specials Unsolved Mysteries began with a single special on the night of January 20, 1987 hosted by Raymond Burr.

John Callahan, former President of World Jailai was also gunned down. Pat Mealbach found out she was adopted and learned some information that leads her to believe she is the daughter of Dodge heir, John Dodge.

Terry Lee Conner & Joseph Daugherty escaped from prison and then robbed a bank and to!

Her bloody nightgown was found on a nearby boat dock. ________________________________________ November 2, 1988 Part 1 of two on the Son of Sam killings explores the theory that David Berkowitz may have been a scapegoat in the 1970s New York slayings.


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    They include wills, fee books, claim registers, legacy records, inheritance records, probate ticklers, and dockets.

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    “I’m very outgoing and extroverted, and she’s kind of shy and introverted,” she explains. Grant High School students thrive on gossip, Shai steers clear of the stuff. Instead, she found more productive ways to utilize her time. “I was [the head] of pep rally and on the student board. I loved school and the social aspect of it,” she says.