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Make your chat with strangers extremely interesting!If you are interested in finding a date or flirting, pick a chat room based on your geographic location.In addition to the Oval Office, her virtual bordello includes a bunny ranch modeled after a Vegas brothel, a locker room "complete with coach's office and showers," an area with a desert romance theme, and club and mall, she said."The stuff that really seems to go is the kinky stuff,"says Widdershins.

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The furniture, and other props, have attached software -- in Second Life jargon, they're "scripted" -- to animate the user's avatar through the motions of sex.

Sometimes, the script is attached to a simple sphere, called a "pose ball." Leading vendors of Second Life genitalia and sex equipment include "Stroker Serpentine," the Second Life alter ego of Kevin Alderman, of Tampa, Fla., as well as Xcite!

The presence of sex is also a sign that people are engaging with the community and with each other, and connecting with each other as human beings, he added.

Sometimes they talk to each other over Skype, or the phone.

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