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So if your profile content exceeds the amount of words I’ve written up to this point, do some editing.

With that said, a profile that is too short won’t make women care to contact you.

Oh, and no shirt on in your profile picture means no love. I’m simply doing my best to give her reasons why she should buy, err, give me her digits.

That’s how a good salesman would sell any type of product. Women dig men that have a sense of humor, confidence (not cockiness), and have a little bit of creativity.

So you need to be contacting many different women until you find the one that is in the right frame of mind and will give you a shot. Choose the attributes that the type of woman you desire is likely to seek. The next part of creating a killer profile is to use a nice photo of yourself. I’m not either, yet I still have tons of success meeting women online. We see a hottie and the first thought is “must…contact her…now!