Doing dating detective work

On the way there Conan thinks over what he knows about Masumi and the girl who is living with her, who he thinks is named Mary.

He said that the culprit ran down the stairs so Conan has the Detective Boys run to the stairwell and watch to see if the culprit ran down. The Detective Boys give three completely different descriptions of who they think is the culprit is, and Genta mentions that he thinks the culprit had the number 2 on them. Kamaya confess his motive that he was dating with his girlfriend in the restaurant. He explains that he did used to add honey to improve the sour taste.

When the chef goes to him and his girlfriend, he asks him that did he add the honey.

[on his family history] My grandmother's part Jewish, which makes my mother and myself Jewish, by blood. on my mother's side, my maternal great-grandmother [was Jewish].

It was ironic in a way, because my grandmother wasn't pure-blooded Aryan, and therefore she wasn't considered a member of the master race.

Then she told Akane that her voice was withering and that she shouldn't even show up to the next gig.