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The summertime high pressure ridge, sometimes referred to as a “heat dome,” has set air pressure records as recorded by weather balloons in Pittsburgh and Virginia, and has been responsible for sending air temperatures rocketing into the mid- to upper-90s, and even the lower triple digits, in some parts of the East. Kennedy Airport, for example, broke a daily high temperature record on Thursday, with a high of 100°F. Record-high low temperatures were also set in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. The National Weather Service issued heat warnings and advisories for nearly two-dozen states on Thursday, with a smaller number to be affected on Friday in the densely populated Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Animation of 500 mb pressure anomalies from July 12 to July 18, 2013, showing the migration of the heat dome from east to west (in orange and red) and the upper level low toward Texas (blue). The heat index, which is a measure how the temperature feels to the humid body, has reached the dangerous range of 105 to 115°F in some spots. While heat waves during July are nothing new, the weather pattern that is creating this one is rare enough for meteorologists to take note.

You can do this by directly asking them about some of your preferences. ’or, you can be more subtle and talk about yourself to see how they respond.

For example, you might say, ‘I see myself having two kids in the next two years,’ and make note of their expression and whether they add to the conversation.

You can use your journal to do the articles exercises.


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    ***Dear Sad ex-wife, Your road ahead of you is not going to be easy. It's OK to be sad and feel emotionally tied to your ex-husband because he was your husband and you likely have positive memories with him. If you have children, you can talk to your ex about the importance of keeping your kids first and making sure you are both open about your relationships for the sake of your kids. You even said your relationship was "unhealthy." Remind yourself that you, too, will find happiness. Recently, we discussed a birth plan with our doctor, which included whether or not we want people in the room with us when our daughter is born.

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