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Talk in a report about safe guards for dating sites for disability people.

people with disabilities are more venerable then most. some of the examples are activation code with an id code, that you only enter once to gain full access to the site, its different then a password.

its fun and exciting to meet people online but it needs to be done in a safe and secure manner.

the dating sites need to look into putting in safe guards thanks.

and the internet opened up a whole new world now, you can date people in the same country as you or in the same town/city as you.

and its wonderful but the sites need to be kept safe and secure.

and have the personal information on a private network, and use a company called Hacker safe. for dating sites to have tips to know how to keep its members safe. Bad people don't give out personal info, they want to hide, behind a nickname for no one to know who they are.