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(For Canada and the United States, one can navigate further down to the province or state level.) Mousing over a continent or region, such as Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, or Middle East, will highlight that region and bring up an audio icon for the region’s pronunciation and an icon that links to its dictionary entry.

If a child clicks on the icon to go to the dictionary entry for a particular region, he or she will find descriptive information in simple and engaging language.

In addition to the definition and pronunciation, each country’s entry contains a map illustration showing the country and the region surrounding it.

In addition, the interactive World Map for children, found in the WILD Collections, gives children an opportunity to view the parts of the world from the top level (the World), to the continent or region level, to the individual country level, and back up again.

Because many of the words in WILD are nouns, a large proportion of the definitions are simply of the form “An A is a B” — “A lion is a large, strong animal,” for example.