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Alison Rosen finally provided her account of the events that led to her dismissal from “The Adam Carolla Show” on Saturday and she says it came down to what most male-female breakups do: miscommunication.

During a special Saturday episode of the “Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend” podcast, host Rosen blamed a lawsuit fundraiser and a flap over cross promotion for her ouster.

“My income was the Amazon money after [Carolla] takes his cut (which she said was almost half), my podcast money after he takes his cut (also about half) and my salary from ‘The Adam Carolla Show,'” Rosen said. it was just taking a couple-thousand-dollar-a-month …

“The idea of giving away a couple thousand dollars a month for the immediate future, but with the potential to stretch into forever — because, at this point … pay cut.” She said she approached Carolla concerning her dilemma, which also included an impending surgical procedure the following month, and was told she wouldn’t be required to contribute to the fund.

Rosen went on to explain her financial arrangement with Carolla, which involved a salary for her role on “The Adam Carolla Show” and a split of revenues from her own podcast.