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The waitlist is believed to be over 75,000 so good luck! The Down Previously known as "Bang With Friends", the app has gotten re-christened as The Down.

Using Facebook to help the user approach the gal or guy you fancy on the social media site (but been too chicken to approach), The Down gives you the nerve to "Skip the chatting, and get to smacking those cheeks." Download the app for i OS and Android for free. Skout Skout is also in the Tinder mold - you can opt for the premium or free version.

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When it comes to finding a dating app for those who are single and ready to mingle, there are plenty of fish—we mean dating apps—in the sea.

It is, however, a challenge to find the right app if one is going for quality rather than quantity.

While the dating app asks for basic details such as birth date, gender, and sexual orientation, it primarily hinges on a user's pictures.

Basically, one picks a profile image and chooses nine more photos from their Instagram that describe and represent the individual's like and interests.

Download the dating app for i OS and Android for free. Bristlr What with hipster beards being all the rage, Bristlr is the perfect dating app for women who fancy men with beards.


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    I am gentle and balanced, I am able to be steady and decisive when needed. The most important things I do value in a person are integrity, loyalty, realistic -romantic, who loves life and like active lifestyle...

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    I spent years thinking about me, worrying and trying to figure a way out of the way I felt, but this had the opposite effect and I began to feel more and more trapped and isolated.

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    By doing a quick search online, you can find a long list of dating sites for people with disabilities.

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    Any awakening to our real situation is suppressed by accusations of bigotry which must be ignored.