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Colleagues are often busy with their own thing and unwilling to assist, after all - it’s not their problem, it’s yours.

It can be difficult to ask for help, also, when you really need just a few hours of someone’s time to meet that important deadline without going crazy.

By finding out more about the real person, and being attracted to this person, the relationship should last longer and be more secure than if the relationship had been built on the white lies of someone wishing to be more than they really are.

Also the fact you are working for the same company shows that you already have a strong bond between each other - with the added advantage to not having to explain your job to a possible mate and have their eyes glaze over when they find out you’re an accountant. Spend time with each other Obviously if a relationship is going to last a long time, you and your partner will need to spend a lot of time with each other.

Of course the fact you work together probably means that they are more suited and able to help you in your work than someone who you met out of the office.


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