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#EFFENVODKA A photo posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on comes from that hip-hop culture of braggadocio, from Wu-Tang and 50 Cent, the kind of music I listened to as a kid,” The Weeknd tells the publication. “For the chorus of ‘Secrets,’ we used The Romantics’ ‘Talking in Your Sleep’ and ‘Pale Shelter’ by Tears for Fears. We could have done the interpolation thing, but sampling the original gets the feel.” Fif caught wind of The Weeknd’s interview and took to Instagram to voice his thoughts, saying, “This is crazy, I was just watching this guys video. It’s next level shit,then he says I was a influence 😳 listen to () the shit feel like he in the zone.The #1 spot is not available @theweeknd took that shit.” See that response above.

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The Weeknd carries his own cross, but he uses it as a weapon — destroying even his own trophy cabinet.

“Look what you’ve done, I’m a motherf***in’ starboy,” Abel sings, implying that his enemies have indeed given him a cross to bear, but he has channeled his anger into achievement, rather than allowing them to crucify him.

The video does not seem to be conveying a Christian or indeed a sacrilegious message, as some viewers have alleged.

Metaphysically, it appears to be in sympathy with new age concepts like synchronicity, manifestation and thought-forms, or tulpas, as described by The braggadocious Canadian warns listeners in the first verse that he is about to ruin their day before going on to brag about his car, lifestyle, “main b****” and “side b****,” who are both “out of your league.” Abel describes a girl “cutting ivory [cocaine] into skinny pieces [thin lines]” on an ebony table before snorting it, adding “I love my baby.” This prompted some fans to ask whether Abel has just revealed that his girlfriend Bella Hadid is a cocaine user.

In other Weeknd-related news, you can now enter to win free tickets to The Weeknd’s Starboy: Legends of the Fall tour.