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“Frisk, you’re so lucky to have such wonderful people looking out for you,” you said as you ruffled their hair.

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It was finally the end of the first week, for which you were thankful. You could hardly believe that such a young child was the savior of monster-kind. You walk over to them, concern clearly in your eyes. Frisk was still sitting at their desk, drawing a few doodles. ” They held up their picture of two skeletons, one short in blue (you were pretty sure that it was Sans, who picked Frisk up on Wednesday) and one tall in…some kind of red costume? You chose not to mention that he declared himself upon walking through the door.

You wished your students to have a good weekend and gave each child a warm hug before sending them off. Well, you weren’t completely sure what Frisk drew, but you gave them a thumbs up and said it was a beautiful picture. I can call your mom if you’d like.” They shook their head no and said their uncle was coming. The handshake was held too tightly and too long, but you didn’t really mind.

Shortly after Frisk and Papyrus left, you hurried home as well.

After the first week of school, you deserved some time to yourself.

“It really was lovely to meet you, I hope to see you again soon.” “OF COURSE!


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