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Do you have trouble focusing your attention when doing you LDS scripture study?

Here are several steps to help you get the most out of your LDS scripture study.

There's nothing worse than building a relationship with someone only to discover, it's not going anywhere.

However, you must still provide proof of identity when requesting a certification.

To get a certified copy of a person’s vital record, you must provide proof of your relationship to the person listed on the record and the proof must establish you are one of the following: for Internet Orders You will need a credit card, government issued driver's/non-driver's license, scanned copy of all supporting documentation to place your order. Non-Genealogical Orders only Processed through the State Office of Vital Statistics or Local Vital Records Office.

Processing time and fees vary at the Local Vital Records Office.

Non-genealogical records by walk-in from the Office of Vital Statistics and Registry are typically processed within 2 hours.

People who are incarcerated can provide legal imprisonment, conviction papers or release documents that include the name, social security number and all possible aliases used in the past or identification from a prison/probation official. Please contact the Local Vital Records office where the event occurred for information about their fees.


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