sudbury ontario dating - Dating in the dark commercial

It's too much to hope for a "More to Love"/"Dating in the Dark" crossover, isn't it?

) I don't know what's happening to televised dating shows nowadays.

Helpless teleromantics like me, Judy and the entire Ad Age staff are poorer for the genre's sad decline. No, it's just deaf and dumb, and wearing too-tight trousers.

It used to be that a guy could buy an Ed Hardy T-shirt, utter a few earnest words about soulmates and sunsets, then effortlessly forge a magical if fleeting connection with a fellow relationship nomad.

Now those same aspiring actors and actresses have been reduced to fumbling around sexlessly in dark rooms and hoping that sparks and/or germs fly.

Instead, "Dating" lazily falls back on every reality-show convention: the straight-faced confessionals, the scripted repartee, the "I'll-get-my-own-show-even-if-I-have-to-slander-grandma-to-do-it" hamming for the cameras.

Billing this as something we've never seen before is incredibly dishonest.

The blind daters take the task as seriously as the rest of us might take doing our tax returns, offering nuanced descriptions about overbites, hip contours and superfluous third nipples. That'd have forced the square-chinned fellas and giggle-puss girlies to seriously confront the issue that the show pretends to care deeply about: namely, that for a certain shallow subset of humanity, looks trump all else.