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In addition to sharing Majumdar’s list below, Yahoo Food hopped on the phone with the author to understand why these experiences made the cut for someone whose motto is “go everywhere, eat everything.”Lobster roll at the Pearl Restaurant, Rockland, Me.: Pearl uses tail, claw, and knuckle meat, a mixture Majumdar likes for its variety in both texture and flavor.

And while he likes Maine-style lobster rolls — those made with celery, mayonnaise, and a bit of dill as opposed to simply melted butter — the mayonnaise should be slight.

In his new book, Fed, White and Blue: Finding America With My Fork, out today, Simon Majumdar documents his journey of eating across the United States.

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“They’re just exquisite carnitas.”Smoked salmon in Alaska: In Anchorage, Majumdar noticed that almost every household has a salmon smoking hut on its property.

“They’re not smoking whole sides, but strips of the belly,” he said.

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