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China prospered under its wise Emperors and a competent and honest civil service.

In 1101 Emperor Hui Zong (Hui Tsung) came to power.

Many recent books use the modern Pinyin transcription.

Thus the emperor who ruled China from 1022 to 1063AD is known as Jen Tsung in the Wade-Giles transcription and Ren Zong in the Pinyin transcription. His reign titles in the Wade-Giles transcription are T'ien-Sheng, Ming-tao, Ching-yu, Pao-yuan, K'ang-ting, Ch'ing-li, Huang-yu, Chih-ho, and Chia-yu.

One of Wang Mang's early "reforms" was the introduction of the the Ta Ch'uen Wu Shih coin.

Though only slightly heavier than the old Wu Ch'u coins, it was valued at 50 Wu Ch'u.

Some emperors used one reign title for their entire reign.


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